Twenty Four

The year hasn't been smooth but... It's been enlightening. The year hasn't been what I expected but... I gained knowledge. The year hasn't been easy but... It's been promising. My understanding of life has been flawed and confusing. My love has changed but it has grown... Strong and amazingly. The foundation has been set it's been made strong through churning and molding. The trials are strenuous but the triumph of the journey gives me the peace I never imagined. Is it truly peace though? It's a feeling that I don't understand. I'm unsure yet I am certain. I stand strong but I feel weak.


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Loosely Worded

Have you ever met someone who doesn't care? Their response is always in way that lets you know that they could care less how you feel about it. Its always OK for them to do and say what they want but


For 25 years of my life, I was the type of woman that held onto her pain and allowed it to destroy me so that it wouldn't effect anyone else. I didn't think about me enough to care how much damage wou

Here comes the Boom

I've talked about f.e.a.r a lot in my past and that comes from being raised in a heavily religious family. No disrespect to anyone's beliefs but God has been the bane of my existence for decades. When





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