Someone Stole From Me Today

I never recognized myself as a creator until recently. I didn't think highly of the things that came from my mind and heart. I didn't know that they had value. The lack of respect I had for my craft was exposed.

I started posting information about my blog on any site that would allow it. I don't have many followers or friends for that matter so when I posted I actually came with a certain amount of innocent naivete. I hadn't realized that people would just take what I started. I didn't know that my idea was even a good one. I started saying I was an Perfectly Made Imperfection about 3 years ago. After all the struggles and heartbreaks, I finally realized that I could overcome it all.

I got up this morning in a great mood with my children preparing for school. Once I completed the morning duties and got everyone off to school, I logged into my Instagram account. I was in absolute shock when I saw that someone who followed me was taking the name of my blog and selling merchandise. It was a slap in my face because the business this person promotes is the complete opposite of what I have been doing for the last 3 years. I am pissed to say the fucking least, I have been promoting this persons page and liking post just so this person could go to my blog and snatch something I have been working extremely hard on.

These are my experiences that I am working very hard to get past. I have never encountered such shady people. I continue to realize this world is just full of sharks that are already full looking for prey to pick apart for fun. No one cares about what it takes to put into business especially since social media has taken over. They will take what you have and turn their back on you just for 30 minutes of fame and $15. I am not going to change anything though. I will go further with my blog and I will create merchandise. I will do this better than I ever thought I could. I will do that without thinking about what someone else may do with my ideas. I would like to take this time to politely say FUCK YOU to the person who did this... Whether you read this or not, you don't have what it takes to capitalize off my ideas and pretty soon you will see that.


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