Silver Tongued Trigger

Updated: Feb 8

#Matrix #SpeakUp

The beginning is full of words. The honeymoon stage full of all the superficial good things you don't expect. So many words and phrases that are cute but are merely an introduction that leads to the need to hear more. You crave them, you have an infatuation with the sound of those words as they are uttered in a voice that soothes you in a way unimaginable. The urge to dial that number so that sound can end a moment in your day that was just too much. The comfort that voice gives when they say don't worry because bad days don't last. It will get better because you are beautiful and nothing can keep you down. Don't get me wrong these may not be the words that grabbed you and kept you there but there were words from a very nice mouth. You were so captivated by those words that even when the tone changed you still wanted to hear only from that mouth. You just know that after all this is the mouth you want to kiss and have all over you because those words are fulfilling.

The conversation becomes an avenue for you to wonder if this mouth has any depth. Is there anything this mouth is saying that will help me evolve once life happens. There won't only be those small ups and downs. I mean real shit happens, will this mouth follow through with any action that will show that there is more to it than just...simply... well-thought verbiage. Is it possible that behind all that intelligent vernacular, there will be a strong will and motivation to keep both of us strong when the other is too weak?

Will this mouth be able to humble itself when the truth is said and it has to go into a self-check? Is this mouth capable of respecting an opinion that varies from its own? Shouldn't these questions be asked from the very beginning? Of course but it just seemed so right. Why am I just now realizing how this mouth scowls when things are indifferent? How did I not notice this mouth has such a harsh twist when I speak up for myself? Where was I when this mouth spewed words so brash? Did I forget to ask how this mouth felt about the reality of who we are individual? When did I agree to be the silent one while this mouth makes demands? How long have I just went with the motions without so much as even a glance?

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