Not A Mom Blogger...

I am simply a Mom that blogs. I really wanted to start a blog where I had a set topic and lots of tips for health, do it yourself tips and parenting tips but I soon realized that is not what I am set up to do. Honestly, I curse a lot, I have bad organization skills, My kids don't sit and eat organic, gluten-free, nut-free vegan treats! I have nothing against anyone that does but its not my lifestyle and I won't lie about it either. I could probably fall over toys onto clothes and an unmade bed to get them to the bus in the morning and then sit down to relax.

I have been through a vast arrangement of experiences that could have killed some people. I live a very imperfect lifestyle and I make some crazy ass choices almost daily but that doesn't me inadequate in this blogging world. I am woman at the end of the day and I am a very introverted person. I didn't start speaking up and being myself until I got into my adult years. I was homeless from my late teens through my 20's while experiencing abuse, being sexually harassed and raising children with special needs. I am in a healing stage and that damn sure means that I have highs and lows. I do not lie to my children with a smile and then break down in my room. We are humans and we all have rough days, the only thing that I won't allow is for us to stay in a rut on those days. We praise each other and at times we have to adjust by apologizing to each other after blow ups.

I have been dragged through the mud and disrespected for having an unpopular opinion in my birth family. I do not shove religious beliefs down my children's throats nor do I allow society to be the influence in our home. We listen even when its hard and allow them to make choices. Yes, every child needs correction because they will not be living in my home as adults. They will be around other humans so it is necessary for them to view everyone as an equal that deserves respect no matter what.

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