Wake Me Up Inside.

Updated: Feb 8

You keep cutting me open to see what you can expose.

You lay me bare but I don't even really think I see you.

I hate you but do I even know you?

I want to leave but would I be happy without you?

We can't work together and I am not even sure I want to try anymore.

You are never the same person.

You always want more even though you only give me 20%.

I have always given 100% even before that was what you wanted.

you don't want me for me,

you want who you thought I was.

What is this?

I'm not euphoric to you.

I am Pandora's box.

I am that thing that tempts you until you take what and it no longer has value.

I'm tarnished.

I have cracks and broken pieces.

I'm worn out and you fix me only when you want to use me again,

just enough to get what's needed.

I hurt.

My body

My mind

My soul aches.

I need to be nurtured.

I want to feel like a person.

I want to be accepted!

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