Just A Thought

Is it possible that the reason why people are so frustrated with having to be home, would be due to the fact that no one wants to see themselves over and over again without the fake smiles and validation from others? We are in a seriously rough transition that has led to people trying to defy odds and do whatever. The attempt to normalize in our own heads without someone telling us how would astound many.

We have built our lives around societal gain and misfortune due to the need of ensuring we look great in the eyes of people who lack knowledge of themselves. We do not know who we are, we only know the labels that we have placed on ourselves to fit into the demographic that will fit us. It only fit because someone else told us it would and then we built a ranking system so that could top of the totem pole and be seen as the guru of that labeled demographic. Its sad but its true and no one want to believe the possibility that we are all shallow even when we don't want to be.

We question our own validity based on how high on the list we are. Do we stand out? Do I have the most designer? Am I the best at this or can I get better to be seen as more valid? Have I purchased my validity to ensure my kids have it once I am gone? Is this a legacy, better yet is this my legacy? Is my life to be lived through others or should I be happy because I have years to love and appreciate each day?

There are millions of people that need to open their eyes and see the bigger picture. It is necessary so that we stop seeking something that may not bring us any gratification.

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