I Mean Mentally...

Updated: Feb 8

You have been torn down and thrown to the wolves but are told to smile when the cameras are in front of you.

I mean Mentally...

Those cameras are the eyes of the naysayers and the no-good doers who pat themselves on the back while stepping on anyone they deem to be in their way.

I mean Mentally...

They watch you so effortlessly that they forget that their life is actually about them.

I mean Mentally...

Check yourself, don't overdo it for their praise.

I mean Mentally...

Don't go there if it's too much just so other people can be comfortable at your expense.

I mean Mentally...

Things they do are so overlooked because its easier to talk about what is not being hidden.

I mean Mentally...

You are free to be who you are and they are jealous of that.

I mean Mentally...

They can't seem to understand how you still walk with your head high and shoulders back with all those bruises and scars.

I mean Mentally...

Some would dare say you don't fit the part but I wonder how they look under all that indecisive, manipulative envy that is laced in the designer.

But are you free?

I mean Mentally...

Are you so used to needing the validation that you eventually look to them for the answers you need?

I mean Mentally...

Are you able to do this alone?

I mean Mentally...

Can you cope with being who you are flaws and all?

I mean Mentally...


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