I am accountable.

Have you ever been told that you have created an environment that someone else didn't want to be in? Has your love for someone else distracted you from giving yourself the same care that you give to yourself? Do you ever sit back and realize that you are accepting a form of disrespect but it has been happening so long that you are unsure how to correct or speak up about it? I have in recent days realized that I am doing things that I didn't sign up for. I have become so aware of it that I am disgusted with my choices but I am understanding of what needs to take place. After years of abuse from people that I love and care about deeply, I have began to just do things for someone else's benefit and truly didn't care about how it made me feel as long as I gained the approval/validation from those people.

As today,

That has changed.

I am going to live beautifully. I am going to love fully. I am going to be ME freely.

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