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Why is it that every time I say things out loud the opposite seems to happen? I get so frustrated with the belief that I am supposed to stay quiet about things that are happening in my life. It seems so stupid to sit back and hope that happiness shouldn't be talked about because someone may not like or appreciate it. I could care less about someone else having a jealous streak or wishing bad on me.

Silence has led to so many people turning away whats right because they no longer have a voice. You were given a voice to speak about what you feel is right, wrong or indifferent. You better not cower in a corner and hope that one day you can be yourself and people accept you. Acceptance is not for other people to give you, it's important that you are accepting of yourself and you live in that.

There are so many kids that are scared to be themselves because we teach them they need someone else's validation. They Do Not! They need to be strong because that's who they are and no one can take that. Strength is gained through proper teachings to ensure that when the society we live try to push us in a different direction, we can knock it down and say "hell no, I am here for a reason and this is what I am doing whether you like it or not."

Life is not easy.

Ignorance is being accepted while we hope and wait for the loud mouths to shut up with all their nonsense. They spew it loudly and exploit every moral/value that has been declared possible because this new generation doesn't think its possible to have a positive outlook on life. We can make it easy and fix the broken places if we start fixing our households. It's not always going to take a spiritual leader to make it happen. It has always started with just treating someone like a human being. You should treat people how you want to be treated no matter the situation they are in.

No one can tell you where you are supposed to be in this life. Everybody is on a different path and the journey is only worth it if you are passionate about what you want to do. Take a not from some of the people around you. There are lots of questions that we want answered but we should let life play out and grow through each new avenue. No matter how much you plan, there will always be a wrench thrown in and maybe that wrench could be used to fix something else. Don't doubt the possibilities.

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