Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Thoughts of happiness...

Peace of Mind...

Both of these things are choices.

I truly never realized the vast amount of choices that we make in life. Our paths are ever changing because of those choices. We question things and over think things that soon lead to a left or right turn that may not have needed to be taken. In most cases, we have no idea that we actually do this. Sometimes we place ourselves in a position that is unknown but God is the one that shows us how to overcome the twists and turns involved. Our mindset and perception both effect our chances of happiness and peace of mind.

People will always take you for granted...

People will always let you down...

People will hurt you...

People will disappoint you..

These are all things that I used to look at and view as painful. It hurt me mentally, physically, and emotionally. All of it added stress and applied the type of pressure that tried to break me down. My heart felt like it would never heal..

I decided that my heart was worth it.

I decided that when it came down to it my mind was worth mending.

I decided that me being happy would change the lives of my children and their outlook on life.

I decided that the things I learned in bible study and at church had to be true.

All the things that God had promised would happen if I just started believing.

I made the choice to believe.

I made the choice to build a relationship that I never understood as a child but I knew it would take me to the next level.

I stopped thinking about those people that hurt me and I started thinking about how God kept me through that hurt.

I stopped thinking about how people took me for granted and started thinking about the times God had sent one of his angels to watch over my family when we were too exhausted to focus on things.

I stopped thinking about how I had been disappointed by people and started thinking about how God had continued to come through for my family when I was sitting in the dark and there was no way for me to see the light.

I made decisions that I never thought I would need to make.

I no longer had the negative thoughts.

I began having moments of silence where I could tell God things from my heart that I could never say aloud.

My heart ached but it never broke because each time I felt like I was dying he touched my heart just enough to ease the pain.

I made it through.

My family is here today because God made a way.

He has done things I never imagined could be done.

I made the choice to trust him.

I made the choice to believe in him.

I made the choice to be happy even when being happy didn't seem possible.

I made choices that have paved a positive path for my family.

I live.

I am alive.

I have love and happiness because I made the choice to live this life raising my children knowing that both of those things are important.


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