Salvation and soon.... Freedom!

After the many months of sleeping in a vehicle, not knowing when I would be able to put on clean clothes or wash them again... We were finally at a place where I could shower the kids, wash their clothes, and eat on a schedule.

The kids were able to play with other kids who were understanding of what they were going through. The interaction alone was something they had been missing. The first 3 weeks were the hardest due to us being used to having to exhaust ourselves to sleep before. Now we were in our room at 9:00 pm and lights were out by 9:30. Eventually the sleep came easier for me but the kids adjusted a lot more quickly than I did lol. 

I wanted so badly to sleep in a bed before getting to the shelter but once we were there, the insomnia kicked in. I would be up until almost 4 am but still needed to get up at 5:45 to get ready for breakfast and send the kids off for school.

The overwhelming feeling of sleep deprivation weighed heavily on me and made me into an anxious, paranoid shell. Every where I went I hoped that things went smoothly and I would be able to get back to the shelter to sleep before the kids got back from school. 

Once I had a full understanding of the things that needed to be done, I set out a plan for each day until it was complete. I checked in with my case manager weekly and found out resources that were available to us.

The weeks were long but time went by quickly. With the kids in school there was so much that we took care of.

The first week of August was by far the greatest we had ever experienced. We found out that we would have an apartment by the last week of that month. The excitement was something​ that was hard to hide but we his it well from the kids to ensure we could surprise them with the good news. 

On August 24th, 2016 we were given the keys to our first apartment in almost 4 years. When we walked in the door, there was so much emotion. God truly blessed us to keep our kids safe through our trials and tribulations. He watches over, under and through on every occasion. He's amazing and will do what he says every single time.


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