Low on Faith but Eyes On The Prize

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Things began to get hectic for us. There weren't many places that we could sleep at anymore because people started noticing us after about 2 months. Our phones had been cut off, our food stamps weren't lasting as long as we needed and we could see that the kids were over sleeping in the van.

The pressure started getting to us. We got into a funk and our communication was definitely dwindling. This Sunday in particular, we were at 3 on the tank and had no one we could call due to no phone service. We sat in the parking lot of Fiesta trying to determine what the next step was going to be especially when we had nothing.

I was in no way willing to tell people that things had gotten this bad. There wasn't a thought in my mind and I didn't know how to express feeling like a failure with my kids exposed to it. All of the food we had received from the food pantries had started going bad in the heat and the only thing we could do was throw it out.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, I received a call through a wifi app from the case manager of the Family Shelter Dorm at The Salvation Army. She stated that if we could wait 1 more day that we could move in after the previous family left. We cried and the kids looked at us crazy as we told them that things were changing for us. We had gone from stressed and ran down to uplifted and happy for the new motivation to keep going.

Markiese Sr. received a call the next morning from 7-11 about a job. He was told he could come in and start immediately that day.

After praying and waiting for so long, we had finally started moving in a direction that would get us back on our feet. This was a new beginning for us. We started over from absolutely nothing. We had lost it all and didn't even think twice about it because the life ahead of us would be so much more. The impact of the journey showed us that no matter how hard it gets, even a little bit of faith will push you to new heights. God watched over and kept us even when we didn't think he was still there.


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